SLA technology

This resin-based technology giving birth to objects is one of the first Additive Manufacturing processes to have emerged.

SLA technology is mainly used to manufacture prototypes and small series of parts. The major advantage of this process is the finesse and precision of the details that can emerge from it, and this for a very affordable price.

Printable materials

The materials used by this technology are thermosetting liquid resins polymerized by a LASER ray. Thanks to the large number of choices of resins available, designers and engineers are very lucky to find the material that suits it for a prototype or a small series.


The field of action of 3D SLA printing is very wide and therefore allows a large number of areas to be reached such as :

  1. Automobile industry
  2. The consumer goods industry
  3. Railway industry
  4. Electrical and electronic industry
  5. The medical field
  6. Architecture (model making)

For all these sectors, we can manufacture prototypes or parts in small and medium series and small dimensions with a very fine level of detail.