MJF technology

3D printing process developed by HP which is revolutionizing powder-based Additive Manufacturing technology.

MJF technology makes it possible to create parts in record time, thus reducing manufacturing and project management times.

Other notable advantages are the surface quality and the finesse of the details that it is possible to achieve, for prototype parts, functional parts or tooling in small and medium series.. 

Printable materials

Printable materials are thermoplastics in fine powder form.

As this technology is in constant development, only Polyamide (PA) and Thermoplastic-Polyurethane (TPU) powders are available for the moment.

These two materials are very versatile in the uses that it is possible to make of them and therefore meet many applications and in a very large number of sectors.


The field of action of MJF 3D printing is very vast and therefore allows a large number of areas to be reached such as:

  1. Automobile industry
  2. The consumer goods industry
  3. Railway industry
  4. Electrical and electronic industry
  5. The medical field
  6. Architecture (model making)

For all these sectors, we can manufacture prototypes, tools or parts in small and medium series.