FDM technology

FDM 3D printing technology is one of the most widely used Additive Manufacturing technologies in the world, whether at the leisure level or even at the professional and industrial level.


The principle is to deposit a thermoplastic filament layer by layer to form objects in a very large number of fields.


At the Industrial level which is ours, we meet the most demanding needs of our customers thanks to this technology which allows the use of many different plastics.

Printable materials

The materials that can be printed using FDM technology are thermoplastics ranging from the most common to high performance materials.

Please feel free to download the technical sheets of our materials by clicking on the corresponding names.


The field of action of industrial FDM 3D printing is very wide and therefore allows to reach advanced areas such as:

  1. Aviation and aerospace industry
  2. Automobile industry
  3. The consumer goods industry
  4. Railway industry
  5. Electrical and electronic industry
  6. The medical field
  7. Architecture (model making)

For all these sectors, we can manufacture prototypes, tools or parts in small and medium series, even of very large dimensions and with certificate of conformity of the work carried out.